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PDS panel tank

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PDS panel tank is assembled by steel plate molded like a ball, sealing tape, metalic structure and bolts.
The advantages of PDS panel water tank.

  1. It is hygienic.
  2. It is safe and sturdy.
  3. It is easy to assemble, move and install.
  4. It is long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  5. Space can be used for various purposes.

Material: (heat and pressure-applied melting zinc panel on LDPE sheet, molded urethane board (25t) and a color steel plate 0.4t)

  • Galvanized steel plate is produced with a panel machined like a ball, and upon the customer's requirements, it is made with a thickness of 1.5mm ~ 5mm.
  • Internal reinforcement materials use the method to assemble by tightening nuts and bolts of the angle made of STS304.
  • Sealing tape: non-toxic pvc form tapes are used in between all joints.
  • Cover of insulation materials: the cover of the tank finishes 0.4mm color steel plate and the insulation is made only at the request of the customer.
  • Ladder: the ladder inside and outside shall use the material of sts 304.
  • Water gauges consist of a transparent hose and a guard.
  • Internal partition: depending on the purpose of use of water, a partition can be installed inside and it can be used by being divided into two, three and four.
Panel Size
Panel Shape
PE+Hot dip Galvanized steel
1m x 1m
1m x 0.5m
0.5m x 0.5m
Ball shape
depending by
height of tank
PE+Stainless steel 430
1m x 1m
1m x 0.5m
0.5m x 0.5m
Ball shape
depending by
height of tank
PE+Stainless steel 304
1m x 1m
1m x 0.5m
0.5m x 0.5m
Ball shape
depending by
height of tank


PDS panel tank
Seo Heung Industry Co., Ltd has manufactured and developed a tank for drinking water and installed STS WATER TANK, PDF TANK, SMC TANK and etc. from the beginning, and has supplied a water tank in eco-friendly and sanitary material in order to consistently keep clean drinking water for about 20 years, and through the efforts of our research team, much cleaner and stronger PDS drinking water tank has been spread. What is PDS Panel?
"PDS" Panel is the steel plate to be compressed and molded by the material of Low Density PolyEthyelene sheet and hot dip galvanized steel and then pressed. This PANEL is assembled and used for the purpose of the water tank.

Characteristic OF PDS panel tank
As LDPE is a material that is harmless to human body, the drinking water is stored in a sanitary manner, and unlike GRP(smc) tank, the bottom panel of "PDS-PANEL" is assembled in a "FLAT" state to enable debris and sludge easy to move when a water tank is cleaned, and its features and benefits are that"DRAIN PANEL" is equipped to be completely drained.

The side panel uses the bracket to unite 4 pieces and it is the way of making the long bolts stick out from the inside to the outside to secure the nuts from the outside.
Internal bracket is made of the STS304 material to increase the strength of steel under the water pressure.

All internal supports should be reinforced with the angle of the STS304 material and the angle should be coated to prevent rust, and the area where the angles of the internal support are crossed should be secured with the STS bolts.

The installation of a partition (2.3.4) is also available so that the water can be used differently depending on the application. Also, put a 25t urethane board on the outside to prevent condensation and freezing and finish the exterior on it with 0.4mm color steel plate.

After using PDS PANEL tank, you can disassemble, clean and move it to the other place and reuse it. PDS is only a water tank with a large capacity in the world which can be assembled without electrical welding by metallic materials, and we are trying to continue the evolution of a water tank and will increase a self-esteem as a global company for a water tank.

PDS PANEL tanks can be used in different areas for many purposes.

Specification of products

1. General Information

1-1 Application Scope
This specification is applied to factory processing, on-site assembly, construction and a comprehensive inspection, in accordance with the installation of PDS-GI (galvanized steel) PANEL.

1-2 Application Standards

  1. Industrial Safety and Health Law
  2. Water Supply and Waterworks Installation Act
  3. Decree of Water Supply and Waterworks Installation Act
  4. Water tank installation standards
  5. Rules regarding cleaning and sanitation of the water facility
  6. New Technology (No. 0488) of Knowledge Economy Ministry
  7. Excellent product (No. 2010183) of Public Procurement Service

1-3 General Conditions

  1. All components are designed and produced to suit operational conditions, as well as all the conditions that may caused during handling, storage, transportation and installation.
  2. PDS water tank should be designed and produced to work easily during operation and maintenance.
  3. Each of the major components is designed and produced to be compatible as much as possible..
  4. PDS water tank and its accompanying materials shall be produced based on the regulations and shall not be interfered in use.


2. Designs and Drawings

  1. All tanks are designed in accordance with data sheet or design sheet received from a purchaser.
  2. The designers as designated shall prepare drawings and documents designed to meet the applicable regulations or client's specifications.
  3. All data and detailed instructions required to design, manufacture and purchase shall be indicated in the production drawings, and the necessary things for the production such as drawing number, material specifications, on-site assembly, factory processing, etc. shall be indicated as well.

PDS PANEL Processing at the factory

Galvanized steel sheet
PE FILM Welding
PE SHEET extrusion molding
1) Galvanized steel sheet
2) PE FILM Welding
3) PE SHEET extrusion molding
Steel plate processing for PDS PANEL
Cutting for PDS PANEL
NCT Punching and Cutting
4) Steel plate processing for PDS PANEL
5) Cutting for PDS PANEL
6) NCT Punching and Cutting
Bending according to PDS PANEL Standard
Completion of PDS PANEL
8) Bending according to PDS PANEL Standard
9) Completion of PDS PANEL


3. Factory Processing

3-1 Classification of Processing

  2. Extrusion moulding of Polyethylene (PE)
  3. (Panel of galvanized steel sheet + PE adhesive film + PE 3T integrated processing) (New technology No. 0488)
  4. BALL SHAPE (SIDE BENDING) processing of panel
  5. Production of manhole and assembly part, mounting of drain panel and various nozzles

The steel plate shall use the one cut in the forward direction at the cutting operation, and shall be used enough to withstand the stress of the water pressure.

3-3 Polyethylene-extruded moulding (New Technology No. 0488)
Polyethylene (PE resin) materials will be injected into the extrusion mold and then galvanized steel and PE sheet will be excluded using double-sided adhesive film in PE at high temperature and low pressure. (There should be no scratches on the surface during extrusion moulding).

Bending SIZE (R to be considered) by thickness shall be aligned to match assembly line between panels at the time of on-site assembly, and during the BALL-SHAPE (BENDING) work, it shall not be hit with a hammer or something.

3-5 Production of MANHOLE and ACCY
Shall be produced according to approved drawings and shall be required to receive a supervisor's approval before installation. DRAIN PANEL shall be mounted at a factory after a purchaser's approval. (NOZZLE shall be mounted at a site after a purchaser's approval.)

4. Components and Materials
All panels and internal components shall be finished with materials harmless to the human body for storing the drinking water, and the fence surface shall be done with PE material which is excellent in corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.


  1. Material
    The outer side of the tank is made of GI steel and inner side is made of PE to be integrated.
    The cubicle in the middle is made of STS430 steel. (New Technology No. 0488)
  2. The specification of the unit PANEL
    The PANEL shall be processed in accordance with the basic specifications, (1000mm × 1000mm), (1000mm × 500mm), (500mm × 500mm), and shall be configured for compatibility based on the size of a tank.
  3. As water pressure is different depending on the height, capacity and applying area of the tank, the panel thickness of galvanized steel sheet by location shall be applied differently depending on the structural calculation.
  4. DRAIN PANEL: At the time of cleaning, it should have a structure to discharge the water on the ground, facilitate installation of the drain pipe, and there shall be no problem in its strength.
  5. MANHOLE: It shall be STS 1.5mm which to be installed in the position of the top of the tank and shall be designed to be easy to check out, enter and clean the inside, and shall be powder-coated and locking system shall be installed to prevent debris and pests from entering the tank. (Diameter shall be 950 ㎜ or more)

4-2 Stiffeners and Accessories

  1. Base frame: As floor PANEL itself has a sufficient rigidity and assembling properties, the basic frame shall be manufactured to "ㄷ" and "ㄱ"-shaped cross-sectional prefabricated type, but shall secure corrosion resistance by the characters made, but after the completion of welding in a factory, molten
    zinc plating for corrosion resistance shall be secured.
  2. Internal stiffeners: as a reinforcement to combine powder coating or PE cover after produced with STS304 (KS D 3698), it minimizes deformation of the container side (deformed less than 1% of tank height), and shall be a structure to improve the safety and life of the tank.
    - Vertical reinforcement: ‘ㄴ’-Angle 40 × 40 × 3.0mm
    - Horizontal Reinforcement: ‘ㄴ’-Angle 40 × 40 × 3.0mm ~ 4.0mm
    It shall be applied according to the height of the tank.
  3. External stiffeners: when panels are combined, SS400 (KSD 3503) 3.0t steel shall be processed to secure corrosion hot-dip galvanized resistance in order to secure the rigidity of the Flange face.
    - FLANGE reinforcement bar: there are flat bar, 'L' bar, 'Z' bar and depending on the applying height, it can be applied differently.
  4. Internal ladder: as STS structural steel tubes (host tubes: ∅31.8mm, step tubes: ∅25.4mm) material, it shall be produced and powder-coated at 400mm (W) x 350mm (H) intervals.
  5. External ladder: as STS structural steel tubes (host: ∅ 31.8mm, step tubes: ∅ 25.4mm) material, it shall be made at 400mm (W) x 350mm (H).
  6. Vent: as a PVC material, it shall be a structure to block the intake of insects and foreign matters.
  7. Bolts and nuts: the dimensions of the bolts shall conform to KS standards and diameter shall be more than 10mm.
    - Bolts for internal use: over STS shall be applied.
    - Bolts for external use: dachro-plating shall be applied.
    - Bolts for internal and external connection: the bolts used for internal bracket assembly shall be coated with PE enough to have watertight.
  8. Sealing material: it shall be harmless to humans, and as PVC type of a material to withstand changes in temperature and have good resilience for watertight and excellent durability, TAPE shape shall be handled easily.
  9. NOZZLE: as PE or STS materials, NIPPLE shall use brass.
  10. Insulating materials (optional): Polyurethane molding board (25t) will be attached to the outside of the galvanized steel and finished with color steel plate (0.4mm).


Instructions for PDS Panel Assembly

1) Unloading and loading (loading separately according to the work process)

Assembly Views in Part
Transportation of Materials
Loading of PDS Panel
Check materails according to the list
description of
Prepare the next process when unloading a product in the car.
  1. Be careful to prevent any scratch on the PE sheet.
  2. Be careful not to be disposed to fire or cold air, and especially sharp rebar.
  3. When the installation location of the tank is exposed without the roof, nut coating may be worn separately during the impact work, the nut shall be finished with separate silver spray or zinc spray coating.
  4. Before assembly process of the tank, the location of the nozzle, the position of the manhole, the position of external ladder, the position of water gauge and the relationship between the structure shall be examined, and shall be assemble after direction or consultation from the person in charge in the site.

2) Assembly of Bottom Plate

Assembly Views in Part
Assembly of bottom plate
Assembly cross-sectional view of bottom plate
Bottom plate panel, external assembly bolts, bottom frame, corner frame, liner
description of
  1. The bottom plate shall be flipped after seeing the direction of the pad and assembling 4-5 sheets.
  2. The bottom plate shall be assembled by considering the direction of the partition.
  3. The outer channel in the direction of the vertical line pad shall be assembled and flipped.
  4. The panel for partition shall be assembled in the direction of the assembly drawings.
  5. When the bottom plate and inner partition are assembled, the length of one bolt in the corner side shall be adjusted by thinking about the correlation.
  6. The gap between the structure of buildings, etc. and tank shall be checked and then assembled.
  1. The shape of the meeting point of the bottom plate shall be accurate to + cross.
  2. The bottom plate shall be horizontal.
  3. When the bottom plate is assembled, the location of Drain Panel shall be identified first.
  4. The location of the partition panel shall be identified.

3) PE Sheet / Heat and Pressure to Impress

Assembly Views in Part
Cutting Work of PE Sheet
PE Sheet Thermosetting
PE Sheet
description of
  1. It shall have sufficient length and width.
  2. When thermosetting is overlapped, it shall be overlapped enough to not slip off.
  3. Outer channel portion shall be over 12 ~ below Φ 14Φ during the drilling operation.
  1. PE sheet shall be overlapped at least 50mm - 100mm and welded.
  2. It shall be constructed not to be met with a partition panel horizontally.
  3. When the construction of PE sheet is completed, be careful not to be stained with dirt. Especially be careful not to get scratches.
  4. Overlapped part of PE sheet shall be processed with a grinder, etc. to be flattened without a protruding portion.


4) Installation of Drain Panel & Drain Pipe

Assembly Views in Part
Installation of Internal Drain panel
Installation of External Drain pipe
Internal and external drain, external bolts, drain bolt (Square-head PE
description of
  1. Make it like a shape of a drain panel in the floor using gas torch.
  2. Machine the hole to fit the internal hole of the drain panel and the flange attached.
  3. Attach the PE sheet in the floor and the pipe for drain by thermosetting.
  4. Tighten the nozzle connected to the outside to the ground flame with U bolts.
  1. When using a gas torch during the installation of a drain panel, apply heat from the outside of molded round while pressing the part in the middle.
  2. PE sheet shall be placed as tightly as possible to the drain panel to conduct a hole processing.

5) Assembly of Side Panel

Assembly Views in Part
Assembly of Side Panel
Cross-Sectional View of Side Panel Assembly
Side panel, external assembly bolts, flange reinforcement bar (YKFB-ZZ, ZL for side panels ), sealing tape
description of
  1. Assemble the appropriate number of side panels in accordance with the height and width of the tank, and after ensuring impact work of bolts, make it stand.
  2. Fit the point of cross (+) correctly and assemble it.
  3. When putting up the side panel, to secure work space, make the panel for the partition stand and make one part of side panel empty. In order to secure the safety, install internal bracket and internal stay bar first, and then carry out the assembly.
  1. Check closely if there is any defect in the sheet of the corner. (If any defect is found, weld it by PE immediately and then construct it.)
  2. Attach the sealant based on 1st step and 2nd step separately, and align the center line well when working. (For the sealant work in the 2nd step, about 100mm of sealing tape shall be more attached around corners.)
  3. Identify the location of the reinforced hole and then assembly it. As side panels, panels for partitions, panels for the corner, etc. can be identified due to the location of the hole for reinforcement, the assembly shall be done to the specified position.

6) Installation of Internal & External Nozzle

Assembly Views in Part
Attachment of PE Nozzle (Inside)
External view after Nozzle was attached
Internal and external nozzles (Fire-extinguishing LINE, OUT LINE), External Bolt
description of

As PE pipe is welded by referencing the drawings of the nozzle, be
careful to avoid the shock.

  1. When tightening valves or flanges of the pipe line, be careful to avoid heating or impact during the operation.
  2. After fixing the pipe line first, tighten the bolts. If you do not follow the said instruction, the welded joints can be damaged.

7) Assembly of Internal Bracket & External Bracket

Assembly Views in Part
Assembly View on Internal Bracket
Internal bracket, bolts for internal and external brackets (Square-head PE coating), Packing
Internal and external nozzles (Fire-extinguishing LINE, OUT LINE), External Bolt
description of
  1. Assemble it to make the opposite sides symmetrical.
  2. Assemble it to maintain horizontality and verticality.
  3. Fasten the nut in the back until it is tightened
  4. Fit a two-fold sealing tape (150mm x 150mm) at the rear of the bracket.
  5. For the internal bracket located in the partition, use STS M14X100 bracket bolts to assemble in order of Internal Bracket - Washer - Nut - Nut - External Bracket - Washer - Nut - Nut.
  1. As for the internal bracket, the packing is hard during assembly of the bolts, the bolts should be tightened strongly.
  2. Internal bracket bolts consist of M14x100.
  3. Utilize DETAIL "B".
  4. Use only the specified packing.

8) Assembly of Internal Stiffeners

Assembly Views in Part
Internal Reinforcement Assembly
Cross-sectional View of Internal Reinforcement Assembly
Internal Stay, Ceiling Support, Cross Bolts
description of
  1. As the length of Internal Stay is closely related to the direction of the bracket, be careful to assemble it.
  2. Assemble Internal Stay in a specified place by calculating designated area, direction, length.
  1. Bolt: M12 x 30L shall be tightened → to the bracket
  2. The point of Cross of Internal Stay: M8 x 20L

9) Installation of Internal & External Ladder

Assembly Views in Part
Installation of an Internal Ladder
Installation of an External Ladder
Internal and external ladders, internal and external bolts
description of
As a ladder has a hole in the upper side, manhole bands can be assembled.
  1. For the placement of an external ladder, identity the location to be installed first. (A convenient place to maintain)
  2. For the upper side of a ladder, select a safe location at the entrance and install it by considering security, ducts and pipe lines, etc.

10) Assembly of Roof Panel

Assembly Views in Part
Assembly of ROOF PANEL
Roof panel, flange reinforcement bar for top plate, external bolts, air vents, roof plate flange, corner flange, support bolts
Internal and external ladders, internal and external bolts
description of
  1. There is a hold on the corner of the roof panels. Assemble it in a position where a pole can be placed.
  2. Assemble the line corresponding to the partition first.
  3. Fit one-layer of a sealing tape on the roof panel flange
  1. After ensuring the safety, start to work. (Tightening the bolt of an internal reinforcement table and the bolt on the cross section)
  2. For assembling a roof panel, check the location of a manhole and nozzle first and then assemble it.
  3. For assembling a roof panel, there is a hole for water flow, so assemble it to match the machined holes.

11) Assembly of Manhole

Assembly Views in Part
View of Manhole Assembly
Cross-sectional View of Manhole Assembly
Manhole, bolts for manhole, bands for manhole, manhole cove
description of
  1. Manhole bands shall be mounted using integrated-type STS304 M10 x 20L bolt.
  2. For the outside, use the dachro-nuts.
  1. When opening and closing manhole, get installed in a location that is not interfered with structures and piping, etc.
  2. External ladder and water gauges shall be mounted in a convenient location for managing the water tank (to be consulted with the administrator)


Assembly Views in the UAE site: 4,000tons (W 25m x L 40m x H 4m) 2units

1) Before assembly of bottom plate on the base pad
2) Assembly of drain panel and bottom plate
3) PE sheet attached on the bottom plate
4) PE sheet attached on the bottom plate
5) Putting up SIDE PANEL
6) SIDE PANEL and Internal Partiti
7) Internal Stiffener Assembly
8) Assembly of Internal Stiffener and Parti
9) Assembly of top plate
10) Completion of water tank assembly
(W25m x L40m x H4m)


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